Have you submitted your tax return?

If you earned income during this past financial year, be sure to submit a tax return to make the most of any eligible claims or deductions.

Did you know you can claim work-related travel expenses?

Work travel expenses are often steep. Eligible individuals may boost their tax refunds by making deduction claims for travel directly relating to their specific job function. Depending on the circumstances and whether the necessary documentation has been provided, the cost of transport, incidentals and meals (in the case of overnight stays) can be claimed.

Qualifying travel expenses include:

  • Accommodation
  • Incidental expenses
  • Air, bus, train, tram and taxi fares
  • Bridge and road tolls
  • Parking fees
  • Car hire charges
  • Meals (if travel included an overnight stay)

To claim any work travel expenses, travel must be exclusively work-related and supported by a travel diary in the case of overnight stays.

Travel between work and home cannot be claimed.

You can however, claim the cost of travelling:

  1. Between two different workplaces, such as when you have a second job.
  2. From your normal workplace to an alternative workplace.
    e.g. travelling back to your normal workplace from a client’s premises
  3. If your home was an employment base.
    i.e. you worked at home then travelled to a workplace to continue work for the same employer
  4. If you had shifting places of employment.
    i.e. you work at multiple work sites each day before returning home
  5. From your home to an alternative workplace for work purposes, then returning to your normal workplace or directly home.
  6. If you need to carry bulky tools or equipment for work and can’t leave it at your workplace.
    e.g. an extension ladder or a cello

This rule applies regardless of whether travel is by train, bus, taxi or private vehicle.

Unfortunately you cannot claim travel between work and home if you complete minor work-related tasks (such as picking up mail), you drive between work and home multiple times a day, you are on call, there is a lack of public transport near your work, you undertake shift work or overtime or if you ran your own business from home and you travelled to a place of employment to work for someone else.

Seek the advice of a registered tax agent if you are uncertain of your eligibility to claim. If you need advice on tax returns our sister company Go Workabout can assist you.


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    Have you submitted your tax return?

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    If you earned income during this past financial year, be sure to submit a tax return to make the most of any eligible claims or deductions...

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