Supporting West Australian businesses with reliable outsourced staffing solutions.

We want you to have the best possible team supporting your business every day of the year. Our on-hire staffing services aim to smooth out seasonal bumps and rotational rosters by placing a skilled and mobile workforce at your fingertips – even in the most challenging locations.

Outsourcing your labour to Globe Workforce Solutions, means we take care of the hiring, pay rolling and compliance obligation, while you oversee team performance. Finding motivated, qualified and trustworthy employees is our core business, so by engaging our flexible on-hire solutions, you’re gaining instant access to a global talent pool and significant in-house HR expertise.

Our on-hire staffing solutions reach remote WA.

We’re not your usual corporate recruitment firm, no matter where you’re located, our on-hire staffing team strive to take care of the logistical challenges associated with filling casual, temporary or short-term positions throughout remote Western Australia. We frequently assist our clients with sourcing accommodation and finding transport solutions.

The benefits of outsourced labour speak for themselves.


Why invest in managing your own human resource department when you can leverage the expertise of our specialist client service managers on demand? Our on-hire staffing team partner with you to develop an in-depth understanding of your unique business operations, and keep abreast of the latest industry trends and recruitment practices to give you the best advice possible.

We get to know your business and how it works – so that we can build a holistic recruitment solution that meets your unique objectives.

Free up your time

Hiring the wrong person can be a huge drain on your time, effort and resources. As a small or medium business this isn’t a risk you should take lightly as this process can be a big diversion from your focus on growing the business.

Cost benefit

Outsourcing labour has huge cost benefits when you consider the intangible costs associated with turnover, training and fluctuations in staffing requirements. We love the tasks you don’t have time for – such as screening and selection, timesheets, invoicing, visa checking, payroll, industrial relations and superannuation.


We bring the best global talent to remote and central Western Australia. Our global recruitment strategy provides you with instant access to a large pool of professional and qualified talent, who are often more willing to take on short-term rotations and regional placements. We cater for:

  • Seasonal Staff: perfect for peak periods
  • Interim Staff: give yourself time to find the right, long-term staff member
  • Leave Replacement: cover your long-term employees’ well-deserved breaks
  • Temporary to Permanent: take advantage of flexible trial periods to see if someone is a long-term fit


When you engage Globe Workforce Solutions’ on-hire services, you have the opportunity to observe and monitor employee performance, attitude and qualifications before offering a permanent position. You have the flexibility to scale your workforce to accommodate seasonal fluctuations, rotational changeovers and be ready for unexpected events, without being locked into a fixed contract.

Our reputation speaks for itself – in the last 12 months, 93% of our clients have increased their use and reliance on our services, due to our ability to deliver new operational efficiencies.

Contact us today to discuss your recruitment challenges with our Karratha outsourced labour team.