Hiring skilled farmhands in regional Western Australia.

Globe Workforce Solutions has a long history working with West Australian farmers and viticulturists to support seasonal harvest jobs, pruning, seeding and general labour requirements.

Our personalised and scalable hiring solutions in Australia’s northwest and southwest, combined with our strong understanding of agricultural and vineyard operations, makes us your perfect labour force partner. Our on-hire staffing and labour management services are popular options within our agricultural portfolio and are designed to support transitional or short term workforce requirements.

We’ve got a client portfolio that covers the State’s southwest all the way to the north coast. We source candidates with skills in:

  • Animal and livestock handling
  • Tractor and truck driving
  • Pick and packing
  • Broad acre/cereal farming
  • Machinery operation
  • Viticulture

From pig farming, wine making, and stock and grain properties, we’d love the opportunity to show you how we can proactively plan, source, hire and oversee the performance of motivated candidates to support the efficient running of your agricultural operations.

If you are seeking to overcome geographic, seasonal, rotational and logistical staffing challenges, call our agricultural recruitment team in Perth now.

Supporting local agriculture with a global talent pool.

One of the hardest challenges for our regional clients is the retention of skilled team members, who often battle with transportation difficulties or a lack of affordable accommodation options. At Globe Workforce Solutions, we pride our success on our willingness to think beyond the act of recruiting, taking responsibility for the whole logistical chain and seeking to alleviate barriers to employment.

By partnering with our clients to develop a holistic solution that tackles seasonal and geographic challenges, we are able to extend our service offering to find solutions for team transportation, housing and even relocation – therefore improving the overall efficiency and skill base of your workers.

In addition, our global recruitment strategy means that we have a constant talent pool of skilled candidates who are looking to experience the working/travelling lifestyle offered in regional Western Australia. With our payroll management services, you don’t even need to worry about salary, superannuation, taxes, workers compensation or other legislative requirements – everything is taken care of in our flat hourly fee.