Providing scalable workforce solutions throughout Western Australia.

Globe Workforce Solutions in Karratha, Western Australia provides complete labour management solutions to businesses of all sizes, ensuring you have a skilled workforce where you need them, when you need them and for the duration you need them.

Matching suitable candidates to long and short-term positions throughout Western Australia, our scalable workforce solutions target businesses challenged by seasonal operations, remote worksites and tough to fill positions.

We are the choice providers for all your staffing needs, including on-hire staffing, permanent placements and managed labour.

We have the right recruitment expertise and networks.

Our placement success is founded on thinking beyond the act of recruitment, to the longevity and productivity of your workforce operations. Our team specialise in the following recruitment sectors in Karratha:

  • Recruitment for hospitality
  • Recruitment for yards and maintenance
  • Recruitment for office administration

No matter where you’re located, our innovative recruitment solutions will reach your business.

Recruitment and retention in Western Australia can be challenging enough without the addition of seasonal tourist fluctuations, poor public transport and accommodation shortages.

We’re not your usual corporate recruitment firm, no matter where your operations are located in Western Australia – we have the right expertise and networks to help you.

From housing and transport solutions, through to compliance with complicated award legislation and industrial relations – we get to know your business and how it works – so that we can build a holistic recruitment solution that meets your unique objectives.

Contact us today to discuss your recruitment challenges with our regional recruitment specialists.